The year 2022 saw a gradual return to the normal functioning of the Conseil supérieur de la propriété littéraire et artistique (CSPLA), with the re-establishment in December of plenary meetings in person.


We published three major reports this year:
• The first, presented by Jean Martin, assisted by Pauline Hot, explored the issues of NFT (“non fungible tokens”) for literary and artistic property.

English version of the report:

• The second, presented by Alexandra Bensamoun and Emmanuel Gabla, with the support of Guillaume Leforestier and David Guillarme, assessed the impact, especially economic, on French actors of specific protection, sui generis, databases established by Directive 96/9/EC of 11 March 1996. This analysis was also intended to help inform the French authorities in the negotiations on the revision of the 1996 Directive and the Data Act.

• The third, presented by Célia Zolynski, in collaboration with Karine Favro and Serena Villata, studied the impact of voice assistants (“virtual assistants”, “chatbots” or “dialogists”, etc.) on copyright.


On 8 March 2022, at the end of a consultation process led by me, with the support of Vincent Ploquin-Duchefdelaville, the Minister of Culture signed a charter of good practices in three-dimensional (3D) printing and modelling. This document was also signed by six 3D providers, two collective management organizations, four author artist organizations, eight artist successions, as well as the European Confederation of Art Experts and the French Union of Professional Experts in Works of Art and Collectibles. This charter illustrates another mode of intervention of the CSPLA to participate in the concrete protection of literary and artistic property.

Our reflections continue with the establishment of a commission on metaverse, chaired by Jean Martin in the continuation of his report on NFT. 2023 will also see the completion of the mission on fake art entrusted to professors Azzi and Sirinelli, in light of new practices and major online platforms. The CSPLA remains mobilized on the topics of the future for our authors and creators.

Olivier Japiot
State councillor

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2022 Activity Report

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