Since 2019, the Ministry of Culture has been supporting research projects led by artists from the theatre, circus, puppetry, street arts, mime, storytelling and the arts of gesture, in collaboration with scientific and cultural actors.

Each laureate contributes, in his field, to renew the aesthetics, to enrich the knowledge on the creative processes or to nourish the pedagogies. To understand these steps, here are six portraits of artists in research, winners of the 2020 edition of this call for projects.

Next meeting to discover the richness and diversity of all the projects carried out, on February 2 and 3, 2023 at the Studio-Théâtre de Vitry for the event “Exposing research: gestures and knowledge of artists”.

Arnaud Churin 

Arnaud Churin

To make actresses and actors hear the elements of prosody (melody of speech) identified by the linguistics so that the ' sensitivity, as in blotting paper, happens automatically almost, without intention ». Halfway between the sciences of language and pedagogy, Arnaud Churin’s research aims to open the voice on the stage, training the actors of today and tomorrow to a new approach to verbal play. 

Third Generation Company

Portrait Agnès Delachair et Sergi Emiliano

For nearly twelve years, the Compagnie Troisième Génération has been working to break down the barriers between the arts of mime and gesture, demonstrating all their timeliness and stage eloquence. Their research aims to put body dramaturgy back at the heart of theatrical writing, by crossing the techniques of mime, with those of cinema and comics. 

Claire Heggen

L'inventaire animé

Transmission and transversality are two key components of Claire Heggen’s creative and research work. With her work on the “grammar of the relationship” between the marionnettic object and the moving body, she identifies in the form of an primer, a visual repertoire for current and future generations of artists. 


EsactoLido - Karine Saroh

In 2020, the call for projects Research in Theatre and Associated Arts supported several research projects carried out in higher education institutions of the performing arts, such as the project The Circus Artist in Training (LACE). Led by Karine Saroh and Aurélie Vincq at Ésacto'Lido, this study focuses on the training conditions of professional artists, its governance methods, its social dynamics and the impact of the Covid-19 health crisis. 



Questioning artistic practices, encouraging exchanges between different disciplines. In a context where it remains difficult for artists to arrange research time outside of creative imperatives, L'Instant mobile has created the “LaboMobiles”, temporary and itinerant research residencies with the aim of generating ideas for the creation of tomorrow. 

Renaud Robert

Renaud Robert - Cie Effigie(s) Théâtre

Real '  curious fool  », Renaud Robert has always given a central place to historical and sociological research in his work as a puppeteer and director. The director of the company EFFIGIE(s) THÉÂTRE is currently conducting research on the Temporal family, a dynasty of puppeteers with whom he has a very special relationship.