Aioli is a program developed by the Model and Simulations for Architecture and Heritage (MAP) laboratory; it consists of a 3D semantic annotation platform for the documentation of heritage objects.

From photographs, the application generates a 3D representation of the object, which can be directly enriched from semantic annotations or additional resources (texts, images, videos, sounds, etc.).

Aioli is a collaborative platform that aims to bring together the various heritage actors around the objects and works for which they are responsible. Each heritage actor can annotate the object directly (building, sculpture, painting, art object, archaeological fragments, etc.) to benefit the community. This approach creates a kind of «digital epidermis» of the object. The temporal dimension of the objects is also taken into account, to allow monitoring of the state of conservation and possible degradation.

This tool is thus anchored in the growth of participatory sciences; it aims to generate new multidisciplinary work methodologies and to bring out new scenarios for cooperative analysis of heritage objects.