Audrey Azoulay, Minister of Culture and Communication, convened on 15 December the Ministerial Committee for Gender Equality in Culture and Communication. This committee adopted for the first time a roadmap covering all areas of the department.

Action for better gender equality in culture and communication will focus on: 6 main axes :

1. The practice of arts and culture

Des important advances were made in 2016 in favour of women artists and technicians of live and recorded performance, including «matermittentes» thanks to the agreement on unemployment insurance for intermittent artists and technicians of 28 April and the new National Fund for permanent employment in the show.

One Seminar will bring together at the beginning of 2017 all the universities Culture to work on the inequality of access to cultural professions. This meeting will be informed by an opinion of the High Council on equality between women and men.

2. Women’s access to key positions in cultural structures

In 2016, the law creating architecture and heritage last July enshrined the principle of equal access of men and women to the head of institutions labeled

3. Equal access to creation, means of production and programming

The objective of parity of access to the means of production and to the programming will henceforth be integrated in the specifications of the labeled establishmentsA circular from the Minister will shortly outline the expected progress to be assessed annually.

In addition, the ministry has worn a amendment to the Equality and Citizenship Act imposing parity in committees public institutions that award grants, grants, opinions, approvals, as well as expert committees in decentralized departments.

Finally, a workshop dedicated to women’s cultural entrepreneurship will be organized as part of the Entrepreneurship in Culture Forum in May 2017.

4. Combating stereotypes in culture

Under the Equal Citizenship Act, the Government has an amendment extending the CFS’s role in monitoring the image of women in advertising.

On the public service channels commitments are made in favour of experts. France televisions provides a strong response, with an example value, by providing that the of experts on the air must reach parity by 2020.

Finally, the Women will be valued in all areas of heritage: collection of archives, national commemorations, works on the museum of the 21st century or Matrimoine in the European Heritage Days 2017.

5. Action towards the territories

Regional cultural affairs directorates will be encouraged in 2017 to adopt concerted approaches in favour of real equality with the actors in their territories

6. A proactive action plan within the Ministry in support of the Ministry’s application for the «Equality» label

The Ministry is strongly committed to gender equality in its internal practices. Audrey Azoulay confirmed her desire to nominate the ministry for the label «Egalité».