Culture and Research #143, Fall-Winter 2022, 136 pages. File coordinated by: Catherine Graindorge, Editor-in-chief, General Delegation for Transmission, Territories and Cultural Democracy, Research Training Branch, Research Bureau

After the issue 142 dedicated to «Cultural research and Europe», this new issue questions the place of cultural research supported by the Ministry of Culture in the internationalization of the practices and productions of scientific communities. He presents cultural research in the context of globalization, and discusses the rapid extension of relationships between societies and their values. This frontier-free scientific production is based on a new strategy of international cooperation within the framework of more balanced partnerships, which facilitate the circulation of knowledge, the amplification of talent and create new opportunities.

The mutual strengthening of capacities to produce research and innovation is also a marker of scientific diplomacy, taking a different look at otherness and externality.

Three main themes are addressed: the sharing and enhancement of French cultural expertise, which is now exercised in a highly deterritorialized world; the development and experimentation of interculturality, which is based in this global neighbourhood, on a diversity of actors that are “one-size-fits-all”; the innovative transitions of a digital continent, its own research infrastructure trying to meet the major societal challenges and supported by interoperability of tools.

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