The Ministry of Culture proposes a set of resources dedicated to the implementation and evaluation of online visits of cultural institutions.

In recent years, many cultural institutions have set up on-line visitor experiments with the aim of reaching new audiences or offering a complement to those already visiting their walls.

At a time when many of them are wondering about the future of these devices, while others wish to work on their implementation, the Ministry proposes methodological tools useful to these reflections: a guide, of the fact sheets and a synthesis These resources are made available by the digital service of the Secretariat-General, the Directorate-General for Heritage and Architecture and the Delegation-General for Transmission, Territories and Cultural Democracy of the Ministry of Culture.

These resources are based on numerous examples of visits made by French and international heritage institutions before the summer of 2022, particularly during the health crisis related to Covid19.

What information is available?

The guide addresses a variety of visit formats, both paid and unpaid, to be considered in relation to the institution’s strategic objectives. It highlights a corpus of good practices facilitating the design and promotion of an online visit.

The question of assessing the impact of these visits, in terms of the various objectives that an institution can pursue, is also addressed and illustrated by the feedback from various cultural institutions.

The perspectives of evolutions of these forms of visits are also considered in connection with the development of new infrastructures (Wi-Fi 6/ 5G) and new online uses (e-education, immersive formats).

The fact sheets detail some key implementation points, specifying for example the prerequisites for creating an online visit or the mobilizable promotion strategies.

These resources are the result of observations as well as exchanges with several institutions on their experiments with on-line visits conducted before summer 2022: the recommendations contained therein should not be considered
as guidelines.


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