On May 24, the Ministry of Culture welcomed the first class of alternance students from the School of Architecture of the City & Territories in Marne-la-Vallée, which will open in September 2019 the very first training in architecture through apprenticeship in France. On this occasion, the agency Thomas Architectes signed with one of the future apprentices the very first apprenticeship contract in the field of architecture.

The Ministry of Culture, which already welcomes apprentices as employers, has decided to go further and open the training it provides for apprenticeships. This concern is part of a process of democratization of the artistic and cultural professions.

The Government has reaffirmed the development of learning as a national priority. In addition to long-term work experience and support for apprentices, this type of training has the advantage of allowing students to earn an income while continuing their studies. It therefore constitutes a lever for the integration of graduates and the diversification of the profiles of tomorrow’s professionals.

After a field study and with the strong support of the profession (Order of architects, branch, unions), the School of Architecture of the city & territories in Marne-la-Vallée is the first national college of architecture in France to propose this new path to architecture studies. Thus, as of September 2019-2020, about twenty students of 3e year of the Diploma of Studies in Architecture (DEEA - bachelor’s degree) will be the first promotion of apprentices in this discipline. They will be accompanied individually by professionals until their graduation and will be able to extend this innovative training method to acquire their architectural diploma two years later.

Learning is at the heart of the system Chantiers de France which will allow to mobilize the different actors of the training to the arts (training centers, vocational schools...) for the conservation and restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris.

Opening the way to learning in higher education Culture helps to strengthen the dialogue between students and their future ecosystem. This first certainly announces many others in all fields of creation and heritage. » Franck Riester, Minister of Culture.