Monday, May 22, a section of wall of the National School of Architecture (ENSA) in Nancy collapsed, fortunately resulting in only material damage.

The Ministry of Culture and the Nancy ENSA teams immediately made arrangements to ensure the safety of students and staff and to allow the school to continue its activities.

An analysis of the building, built in 1995 by Livio Vacchini, is currently underway. The first findings of this expertise will be available next week.

To ensure the continuity of the school’s missions, the European School of Materials Engineering Engineers (EEIGM), offered to host students and make its premises available on 23 May.

The Ministry of Culture and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Nancy warmly thank the University of Lorraine, the local authorities, the prefecture and the services of the State of the region and the department of their mobilization and active support.