Since 2019, the Ministry of Culture has been working with the 20 National Graduate Schools of Architecture and Landscape (ENSAP) to improve the well-being and health of their students, particularly affected in times of health crisis.

This proactive approach is in line with the Law on Student Orientation and Student Success (2018 ORE Law) and the «Strategic Plan of Higher Education Student-Centred Culture», voted by the National Council for Higher Education and Artistic and Cultural Research in November 2019. It aims to solve the problems identified in particular through a survey conducted by the Union nationale des étudiants en architecture et paysage (UNEAP) in 2018 that revealed stress, fatigue and health problems of students related to the pace of studies, their workload and a “wagon” culture. Answering students' questions about their preparation for professional practice was also important to promote their well-being.

In order to amplify the first steps taken in schools in 2019/2020, the ministry commissioned a national working group in October 2020 to develop a multi-year action plan. At the end of its work, the ministry launched in May 2021 a joint mission of the General Inspection of Cultural Affairs and the General Inspection of Education, Sport and Research (IGAC-IGESR) on teaching conditions and the conduct of studies in architecture and landscape schools.

Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin reaffirms the importance of the deployment of this unprecedented and ambitious plan, which aims to guarantee students an environment and a study environment that respects their rights and promotes their well-being and success. Its deployment over five years will be supported, monitored and evaluated by the Ministry of Culture.”

The multi-year plan includes 10 orientations broken down into 30 actions grouped under two components: «students in their institution» and «students in their curriculum».

The multiannual plan will have a specific budget, defined each year, to accompany and support the various actions until 2027.

Certain measures are intended to apply to all students in Culture higher education, in particular those aimed at improving health information and prevention and at combating discrimination and gender and sexual violence, to strengthen the medical, social and psychological monitoring of students and to support those in situations of fragility or disability.  

The Action Plan for Architecture and Landscape Students is a first step in the development of a multiannual Culture Higher Education Strategy led by the General Delegation for Transmission, territories and cultural democracy on the themes of health, support for success and support for the professional life of students.

Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin, Minister of Culture, has announced the deployment of this health plan at the Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine (CAPA) and invites all ENSAP communities to participate in the implementation of this plan in a collegial manner.

Read the ENSAP Student Wellness and Health Action Plan HERE