Hervé Barbaret, Secretary General of the Ministry of Culture, today announced the winners of the first edition of the thesis prize «Valois» young researchers, young researchers who distinguish doctoral theses for their quality and contribution to cultural policies conducted by the Ministry of Culture. This award encourages young researchers to share their work in the field of cultural research.

The “Valois” thesis prize for this first edition was awarded to:


For his thesis: Night microphones. History of night radio in France 1945-2012
Category: Creation, creativity, cultural innovation


For his thesis: La condition internationale des architectes. Le monde en référence: représentations, pratiques et parcours
Category: Access to culture, transmission, arts and cultural education

  • Séverin GUILLARD

For his thesis: Music, cities and stages: Localization and production of authenticity in rap in France and the United States
Category: Culture and social cohesion, territories and sustainable development

These prizes are awarded after deliberation by the jury composed of Philippe CHANTEPIE, President of the jury, Pierre-Yves BOCQUET, Jean-François CHOUGNET, Florence DESCAMPS, Sophie FERMIGIER, Laurent FLEURY, Catherine GUILLOU, Christophe HUON, Sylvain LAFRANCE, Jean MUSITELLI, Isabelle NEUSCHWANDER and Jean-Miguel PIRE.

The very high level of most of the theses examined this year has provoked rich discussions within the jury and is very encouraging for the scientific field of cultural policies.

This prize is an aid to the first publication of the doctoral thesis, worth 8,000 euros per laureate.

With this award, the «Valois» thesis prize helps to support young researchers and to promote university research in support of cultural policies.