On 8 April, Vincent Feltesse presented to Aurélie Filippetti, Minister of Culture and Communication, the report of the consultation on teaching and research in architecture that he chaired, in the presence of the 39 members of the steering committee of this consultation.
The Minister of Culture and Communication, who oversees the network of 20 National Graduate Schools of Architecture (ENSA) announced in August 2012 this extensive consultation, The aim is to reinforce the excellence of a teaching that questions its evolution and its positioning at a time when the university world is in the midst of restructuring and when the ecological transition and the housing crisis require a review of our ways of living.
Vincent Feltesse, Member of Parliament for Gironde, President of the Urban Community of Bordeaux, and rapporteur of the Bill on Higher Education and Research, presided over this consultation, which, for six months, made it possible to reflect on all the actors concerned: schools, students, the profession, trade unions, the Order of Architects and ministerial departments.
In total, more than a thousand people debated at five days organized in the regions and three meetings of the National Steering Committee, to establish a shared diagnosis of the situation, issues and needs and to bring out many proposals.
Aurélie Filippetti wants to build on the conclusions of the report to define the new regulatory, statutory and budgetary guidelines in the fields of teaching and research in architecture.