Armed with the work "Firminy’s House of Culture", go and meet this masterpiece of the heritage of the 20th century by Le Corbusier. A visit guide and a chronicle of the restoration work complete this historical and architectural work.

The Firminy House of Culture is one of the 17 works inscribed on the World Heritage List on 17 July 2016 by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, “Le Corbusier’s Architectural Work, an exceptional contribution to the Modern Movement”.

Built by Le Corbusier between 1961 and 1965, the House of Culture of Firminy with the Church of Saint Peter and the nearby stadium, it is part of the “centre for the re-creation of body and spirit” designed by the architect at the request of the city’s mayor, Eugene Claudius-Petit. Listed as a "historic monument" in 1984, this rectangular building, one hundred and twelve metres long, with its concrete roof resting on cables, has been undergoing major restoration since 2009.

The House of Culture of Firminy, Gilles Soubigou, scientific director, Sophie Omère, Franck Sénant, Gilles Ragot, Michel Kneubühler, phot. Jean-Marie Refflé. - Genouilleux, Editions La passe du vent, 2013. - 136p. (collection Patrimoines pour demain; ISBN: 978-2-84562-216-6) - €12

«Heritage for tomorrow»

Les Éditions «La Passe du vent» wanted to initiate, in collaboration and with the help of the DRAC, a new collection entitled «Heritage for tomorrow», dedicated to a heritage that is common to us, historic monuments. The principle of this collection: to present a major historical monument of the region whose an important phase of restoration has just ended. Each title calls on the best specialists, a specific photographic campaign allows to offer an updated iconography...

First title published in 2012: the Abbey of Ambronay (Ain)