Under the title "New Riches", the agency Obras, around Frédéric Bonnet, and the collective AJAP14, propose an original and committed project for the French Pavilion at the 15th International Biennial of Architecture of Venice 2016 which begins on May 28. A proposal submitted on May 2 to the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

New wealth or other architectural history

Inserted in «Front News», the proposal of the Commissioner General of the next Venice Biennale, the Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena, the project that will represent France on the Lagoon highlights unknown architectural resources of our territory. With New Riches (this is the name of the French Pavilion), n changes le paradigm usual of architectural policies : after the era of great exceptional projects, we move on to familiar architecture, of the daily, closely inserted in theur territoryo, confirms Frédéric Bonnet, national grand prix d'urbanisme, designer, with the agency Obras and the Collective AJAP 14 of the proposal selected for the French Pavilion by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Culture.

To this end, the French Commissioners travelled across France in search of these architectures of sometimes smaller size, but often providing answers innovativeand remarkableto specific issues, where the social dimension is not negligible. This gives an exhibition comprising ten sites, twelve witnesses and one hundred and eleven contributors. From Cherbourg to Creusot, and from Challans to Redon, via Aubervilliers and Rouen, «Nouvelles richesses» tells, through the architectural prism, another history of France, that of the territories « ordinary » too often neglected, whether they are peri-urban, rural or industrial.

We think there are resources and assets in all the territories, if we pay attention to them, grow them, reveal them. (Frédéric Bonnet)

Youth, commitment, collective: the new face of French architecture

The other specificity of the French Pavilion is the renewal of working methods, in response to several provisions of the National Strategy of Architecture launched by the Ministry of Culture and Communication. With the choice of the Collective AJAP14, which accompanies as co-commissioner the agency Obras and Frédéric Bonnet, the Ministry of Culture and Communication wanted to give a strong sign, encouraging young architects and landscape designers to access the order, stressed Audrey Azoulay. A similar initiative was already carried out in March with AFEX (French Architects for Export), during the last edition of MIPIM, the international market for real estate professionals. Its goal: to give young architects the opportunity to approach other markets, especially foreign ones. In the same spirit, the French Institute, operator of the French Pavilion, will broadcast the exhibition presented in Venice in five cities around the world, according to Bruno Foucher, its president.

The question of the collective is also essential, said Vincent Berjot, Director of Heritage at the Ministry of Culture and Communication, stressing that the AJAP14 wanted to associate to their approach the national schools of architecture, the houses of architecture and the Tips forhasrchitecture, ofuRbanism and theeenvironment (CAUE). Here too, it is an evolution in the very conception of architecture. It also intends to show, according to Vincent Berjot, the diversity of problems to which the architecture responds but also his commitment,how she acts on the ground.