It is with great emotion that I learn of the disappearance of Paul Virilio.

Urban planner and philosopher Paul Virilio, former director of the Special School of Architecture, died at the age of 86.

In 1963, with architect Claude Parent, he founded the Architecture Principe group. They publish together the manifesto of the «Oblique Function» marking a turning point in the history of contemporary architecture, which is embodied notably in a series of buildings of the Thirty Glorious like the church Sainte-Bernadette du Banlay in Nevers, real masterpiece of architecture that he co-signs with Claude Parent.

A great intellectual with free thought, he develops a visionary reflection on the city and the metropolis, the progress and acceleration of time, to the point of considering the notions of accident and catastrophe.

In 1991, he dedicated an exhibition on speed to the Cartier Foundation.

Author of some thirty books, he collaborates in magazines Esprit, Architecture d'Aujourd'hui, Urbanism

With its disappearance the world of architecture and urban planning lost a great theorist who knew how to look forward to the city and societies in their growing evolution.

I extend my sympathies to his family.