The sheets collected in this collection are designed as methodological tools. They make it possible to understand the specificity of movable archaeological properties whose identification, collection on the ground and conservation throughout the operational chain of archaeology can be complex.

The sheets of the collection Collection, processing and conservation of scientific data of archaeology are intended for the whole archaeological community: agents of the regional services of archaeology and operators of archaeology, programmed excavation teams, archaeology data managers, conservators, researchers and students. Their essential aim is to ensure a better conservation of movable archaeological properties with a view to their long-term study and exploitation.


Sheet 1: Wooden furniture
Sheet 2: Leather furniture
Sheet 3: Fauna
Sheet 4: Architectural or monumental lapidary
Sheet 5: Lithic
Sheet 6 – Metal furniture
Sheet 7 – Wall and floor coverings
Sheet 8 – Terracotta furniture
Sheet 9 – Glass furniture
Sheet 10 – Anthropobiological remains
Sheet 11 – Characteristics and preservation of impressions and mouldings
Sheet 12 – Furniture uncovered during an underwater or underwater operation
Sheet 13: Memo on marking and labelling of movable archaeological property
Sheet 14 – The Standard Toolkit for the Collection, Packaging and Transport of Movable Archaeological Property in the Field Phase of an Archaeological Operation
Sheet 15 – The fields of conservation and restoration in archaeology

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Collection of data sheets Collection, processing and conservation of scientific data on archaeology, 2022

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