Since January 2022, the Culture pass has included a collective share allocated directly to schools. Cultural actors, structures or artists wishing to offer cultural activities, must be referenced. The Ministry of Culture has drafted a vademecum which presents the instructions for use.


Individual and collective share of the Culture pass

The Culture pass is available in:

- an individual share for young people aged 15 to 18;
- a collective share for middle school students from the class of 4e and high school students in public and private schools under contract...

The Culture Collective Pass is part of each young person’s artistic and cultural education (EAC) journey. It allows teachers to fund supervised BEC activities for their classes or groups of students: visits, shows, concerts, screenings, meetings, conferences, workshops of artistic and scientific practice...

Cultural actors: how to propose an offer on the collective share

To be able to propose a collective offer, cultural actors must:

- 1. create an account and place on the Culture pro pass platform : ;

- 2. verify that the “To a school group” feature which makes it possible to draft collective offers for teachers is enabled on the first page of the offer creation process;

- 3. If the cultural actor is eligible On the collective share, eligible for the "pass culture" funding, the "A un groupe scolaire" feature is displayed. It can then offer collective offers. These offers are automatically published on the ADAGE application. This application is used by teachers to consult, geolocate and pre-book collective offers.

If the functionality “To a school group” is not enabled : complete the “Referral Request” form

When the "A school group" feature is disabled, the cultural actor is directed to an enquiry form, posted on the Culture pro pass, which enables the collection of the information necessary to verify its eligibility for listing on ADAGE and to transmit supporting documents enabling its identification.

Review of applications

Two possible scenarios:

- after confirmation of the validity of the supporting documents, thecultural actor will be referenced by the services of the Ministry of Education in charge of arts and cultural education;

- la validation of the eligibility of the structure to SEO requires further information. The cultural actor is directed by the form to a paperless file which will be studied by the committee of study.

Learn more:

a vademecum proposed by the Ministry of Culture for cultural actors

In case of technical difficulty on the Culture pass application

- consult the FAQ at
- If necessary, contact the SAS pass Culture support teams at