Registration for the 2023 Technical Aptitude Examination of Dance Teacher in the three options: Classical, Contemporary and Jazz is open until November 28, 2022.

The Technical Aptitude Examination ensures that the candidate has the technical and artistic skills required to approach the preparation for the State Diploma of Dance Teacher; this examination is open to candidates aged at least teneight years on 31 December of the current year (Ex: for the 2023 session, the candidate must be at least eighteen years old on 31 December 2022).

  • body control and precision (body construction, precision of execution of technical elements, respect for dynamics, nuances, use of space) or ability to demonstrate technical elements;
  • mastering rhythmic supports and musicality;
  • artistic sense (quality of investment in movement, interpretation);
  • mastery of composition (specificity, originality, creativity);
  • general attitude, presentation.

For each of the options referred to in section L.362-1 of the education code: classical, contemporary, jazz, the level required corresponds to that of the end of specialized postgraduate (DEC) or career guidance (DNOP) territorial institutions for public education in music, dance and drama.