Application forms for project and operating assistance are available for the online submission of your 2023 grant applications to the DRAC/DAC on the Simplified Steps platform.

Project promoters are invited to contact the competent service or adviser at DRAC of which they are responsible, to learn about support schemes and to ensure the eligibility of their project.

What support mechanisms are concerned by these forms?

The approach you are looking for does not appear in this list? You can consult the catalogue of simplified procedures or you get closer to your Drac for more information.

How to apply online on Simplified Procedures?

The procedures listed in the catalogue refer (either directly or at the end of a presentation form) to the form that allows you to submit your grant application to the DRAC/DAC concerned.

Deadlines for filing are indicated directly on the forms.

One step-by-step guide for the management of Simplified Procedures is also at your disposal.