Progress of the renovation work of one of the rare fortified towers-monasteries, classified as a historical monument (Alpes Maritimes, Cannes)

(June 3, 2021 article refresh)

A landmark in the history of monasticism in Western Europe, the Holy Island is home to a religious community, which has been the owner since its return in the 19th century and also contains the remains of military occupation since the island was a border stronghold several times.

There are many protections on the island: classification under historical monuments (Fortified Monastery of Saint-Honorat, Chapels of the Trinity and Saint-Sauveur, ball ovens point East and point West of the island), classified site, Natura 2000 area and of faunistic and floristic interest.



The monastery is one of the few examples of a fortified tower-monastery still almost intact with a cloister with layers.

After the studies and restoration works supported by the Ministry of Culture up to 50% of the chapel Saint-Sauveur, the old fortified monastery was the subject of study and a first phase of work on the same basis.

The France Relance plan will provide assistance of €930,000 to help with renovations estimated at €1,860,000 for this second tranche. The work is ongoing.


This phase of work also benefits from a sponsorship operation from the Heritage Foundation (€34,864).

The Recovery Plan concerns the second phase of restoration and safety works of the monastery, and also includes archaeological monitoring and localized excavations. The current operation consists on the one hand to stabilize the monument by giving it back the closed-cover and on the other hand to perpetuate the opening to the public and the cultural and cultural use in an exceptional landscape.
From a technical point of view, a particular and remarkable feat of this project is to restore a roof with the double nave of the «core A», perfectly integrated, which will make this space practicable and usable today visited in its state of ruin.

Abbaye de Lérins - Maçonnerie de restauration
Progress - November 2022

In progress Optional slice 1: installation of sunscreen, guardrails, slats and lifeline in core A (complete installation of the glass roof above the double nave); restoration of the enclosure and covered part of the cloister (return of the cloister’s roof), interior fittings for Core B and exterior fittings (masonry, metal structure, locksmith/metalwork, framing, roofing, electricity) – corresponding to the 2021 grant application (stimulus plan).
Start at the end of the year Optional Slice 2: Restoration of the enclosure and covered south part – core C, and interiors outside main core (masonry, locksmith/metalwork, framing, roofing, electrical).

Abbaye de Lérins - Toiture en verre sur la double nef
Abbaye de Lérins - Échafaudages provisoires sous la toiture en verre de la double nef