In Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, this building will receive the support of the Heritage Mission among the 18 sites selected for this 6th edition.

Built at the end of the 19th century and abandoned since 2008 despite its attachment to the University of Lyon, This building has the attention of the Mission because a renovation project will rehabilitate it by creating a centre of more general dissemination on the sciences of nature and the environment.

Institut de biologie marine (La Seyne-sur-mer, 83). Vue extérieure en 1994

The Institute and its history

Michel Pacha, patron and builder, and Raphaël Dubois, holder of the chair of general physiology at the Faculty of Sciences of Lyon, are at the origin of the initial project. The research conducted in this institute (Ottoman style, architect Paul Page) concerned bioluminescence (light production by living beings). Several directors succeeded Raphaël Dubois, appointed from 1911 to 1922. A new building enlarged the institute and was inaugurated in 1968. The teaching and research were repatriated to Lyon, with the exception of an experimental module of the CNRS still housed on the first floor.

Institut de biologie marine (La Seyne-sur-mer, 83). Entrée

The work to be carried out

The rehabilitation project in the International Seminar Centre aims to create workspaces and other spaces for event use (which can be used by the City of La Seyne, the University of Toulon and other partners).
The degradation is significant: corrosion of the metal structure in foundation, Moorish ornaments and cornices in deteriorated and cracked facade, carpentry to be redone, rear facade very damaged (degradation accentuated by large capillary lifts).

Institut de biologie marine (La Seyne-sur-mer, 83). Détérioration des corniches

The Heritage Mission plans the restoration of the only building "Dubois":

  • for the structural work: consolidation of the metal structure in foundation, complete overhaul of the roof, framing and galvanizing, treatment of cracks and restoration of the plaster on the façade,
  • for carpentry: reopening of closed bays, window rests and restitution of shutters.

An identical restitution of the decorative elements (gypseries, neo-ottoman carpentry, ceramic friezes, etc) will be made.
The work will start in September 2024 and last until January 2026. The completion of the site’s renovations (including the renovation of the other "Peres" building and gardens) is scheduled for April 2026.

Institut de biologie marine (La Seyne-sur-mer, 83). Couloir intérieur
Institut de biologie marine (La Seyne-sur-mer, 83). Salle intérieure