From December 2022 to April 2023 Elémen'terre, an association for eco-responsible practices in Occitanie, offers cultural structures webinars on topics that lead to a better consideration of environmental issues.

Elemen'terre offers eco-responsible workshops

In order to best support the cultural partners who wish it, in their eco-responsible approach, Elemen'terre offers each month, a participatory time organized to deepen a topic alongside an expert.

These workshops combine the contribution of knowledge, the sharing of experiences and the application of skills on key topics of ecological and social transition.

Build your tailor-made workshop program by selecting the topics that interest you the most!

  • Energy efficiency applied to cultural venues and events
  • Digital, problem or solution?
  • How to mobilize its teams and partners on the ecological transition?
  • Towards an eco-responsible approach by the technical department
  • Take biodiversity into account on the site of your event

To participate in workshops

Conditions for participation in workshops:
Participation upon registration (limited gauge).

More information on the website in the  Support/ Thematic workshops. The tariff schedule and practical arrangements are detailed.