The exhibition Statues-Menhirs Mirrors of Neolithic Stone co-produced by the Museum of Lattes and the Drac Occitanie will take place from October 7 to March 6, 2023 at the Archaeological Site Lattara-museum Henri Prades in Herault.

The exhibition - 200 new objects.

The exhibition presents, through some twenty statues-menhirs assembled in an exceptional way, the beginnings of the monumental statuary in Occitania. These carved menhirs, dated to the late Neolithic period (3200-2500 B.C. AD), represent a human being through certain physical attributes, clothing elements or objects. In the light of recent research that allows to better restore these monoliths in their environment, the visitor discovers the Neolithic society, as well as the place that these statues occupied in their relationship to the territory and the ancestors.

A Duo publication

This initial work Menhir statues and the end of the Neolithic period in Occitania of the collection Duo published by the Drac and accompanying the exhibition allows, for the first time, to present the complete inventory of the statues-menhirs of Occitania resitused in the social and cultural context of the late Neolithic. A title of the collection Duo de la Drac Occitanie, section "Archaeological heritage".

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A conference at the Drac

The new Drac lecture cycle Drac Tuesdays will host Philippe Galant, SRA Design Engineer, November 29th at 6pm for a conference entitled Menhir statues and the end of the Neolithic period in Occitania on the occasion of the publication of the eponymous Duo.

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Scientific commission
Philippe GALANT, Design Engineer, Drac Occitanie
Mireille LEDUC, Design Engineer, Drac Occitanie
Henri MARCHESI, Honorary Heritage Curator
With the collaboration of Marion AUDOLY and Diane DUSSEAUX

Commissariat général
Diane DUSSEAUX, director, curator of heritage, Archaeological site Lattara-museum Henri Prades
Florence MILLET, in charge of exhibitions and sites, Archaeological site Lattara-museum Henri Prades
Marion AUDOLY, Curator of Heritage, Drac Occitanie - Regional Archaeology Service