From May 25 to June 10, France is celebrating Latin America and the Caribbean through the tenth edition of the Latin American and Caribbean Weeks (Salc). An opportunity to celebrate the bonds of friendship and shared interests between our two regions, but also to discover the richness and diversity of this subcontinent around a rich range of cultural events.


In Montpellier, this national event was associated for its launch to the collective Alba Latin America, initiator of the "Journées Latino-Américains de Montpellier" which began on May 16, a few days before the official opening of the Salc.

Received at the House of International Relations of the city of Montpellier, in the presence of Clare Hart, vice-president of the Metropolis delegated to international influence, the various local cultural actors, coordinated by the Drac Occitanie, presented their structures and the various events planned in the framework of the Salc. The public gathered for this launch was also able to attend a flute concert performed by musicians Dulce Hernandez (Bolivia) and Johanna Sterlin (France) around a southern-American, then to a presentation of the work of the vocal ensemble of the association Cafofo, hosted by the musician Carollina Chavez Ribeiro (Brazil).

As part of this partnership between the actors of the Salc in Montpellier and the Alba collective, it is almost a month of events promoting Latin American culture, which will take place between 16 May and 10 June in the city and its surroundings.

The program

The events of the coming month, to be found on the sites

Latin American and Caribbean Weeks

Since their first edition in 2011, the days, became week, then week S of Latin America and the Caribbean, spreading at the national and now territorial level, with the coordination of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. No other region of the world is honoured in France in this way and no other country than France devotes such a tribute to Latin America and the Caribbean.
Over the years, the Salc have developed in the territories and have refined their identity, mixing festive and scholarly spirit around the ties that unite us. In 2022, more than 400 events were certified in some 60 cities in France as well as in the Latin American and Caribbean states.
In the territory of Occitanie, the Salc have already been spreading since 2019 thanks to dozens of players federated around the latest editions. At the Montpellier level, the dynamic is particularly strong since a collective of associations and places of welcome has been created to coordinate a dense and diverse program, based on the initiatives of the Latin American community present in the city.
Thanks to the partnership with the Alba collective and the proximity of the two initiatives in time, the "Montpellier Latin American Days" launched on 16 May precede by a few days the 10th "Latin American and Caribbean Weeks"In this way, a rich programme of events will take place, highlighting, over a period of almost a month, the Latin American culture present in the territory thanks to its community, organized within civil society.

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