On December 2, in the community of municipalities of the Pays de Sommières, took place the signing of the convention of generalization of arts and cultural education passed between the State/regional directorate of cultural affairs, the departmental council of Gard, the academic direction of the national education services and the community of communes of Sommières.

Purpose and issues of the Convention

  • Ensure coherence between public policies in the territory,
  • Build a local policy on art and culture based on the characteristics of the Pays de Sommières,
  • Define the common objectives and commitments of the signatory partners,
  • Co-build an approach for arts and cultural education in the territory of the Community of Communes of the Pays de Sommières,
  • Highlight structures and animations of the territory,
  • Facilitating access, democratization… of different forms of art and culture,
  • Strengthen existing dynamics and promote new forms of “expressions” on these themes. 

The Drac commits to:

  • Provide advice in the artistic and cultural fields covered by the Convention
  • Provide financial support for projects jointly selected by the partners to the Convention
  • Participate in the monitoring and evaluation of the agreement with partners

The three pillars of arts and cultural education are: the artistic and cultural practice with a professional, the encounter with the works and the attendance of places of entertainment, the discovery, the initiation and the appropriation of knowledge in these fields.

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Signatories present:

Fabienne Dhuisme, vice-president of the community of communes of the Pays de Sommières, in charge of culture

Patrick Malavieille, Vice-President of the Departmental Council of Gard, in charge of culture

Stéphane Sébastien, Inspector of National Education, Direction des services techniques du Gard

Frédéric Loiseau, Secretary General of the Prefecture of Gard