A title of the Duo collection of the Drac Occitanie, section "Institutional heritage".


The 50e Anniversary of the acquisition of the Hotel de Grave by the State in 1971 to install the Cultural Affairs in the historical center of Montpellier is the occasion to evoke the history of an exceptional monument located on the site of the former residence of the bishops of Maguelone. The call to two renowned architects, Simon Levesville (circa 1600-1645) then Charles-Augustin Daviler (1653-1701) allowed Jean de Sartre, adviser to the Court of Auditors, aids and finances, from 1633, then to Louis de Vignes from 1696, to build what will become over the centuries the hotel of Grave, one of the most beautiful mansions of Montpellier. The transformation of a private home for public use sheds light on the institutional history of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs in the regions and the adventure of cultural deconcentration that will lead to the creation of the Drac and their evolution until the merging of the regions.

The hotel of Grave. From the palace episcopAl to Cultural Affairs

92 pages - 16 x 22 cm - paperback
Legal Deposit May 2022
ISBN No. 978-2-11-167716-6

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Grave Hotel. From the Episcopal Palace to Cultural Affairs

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