Every autumn, the "Tout'Ouïe" Festival takes over the roads of Seine-et-Marne to meet young audiences. From November 26 to December 11, this musical rendezvous, organized by the Ferme du Buisson – national stage of Marne-La-Vallée and supported by the DRAC Île-de-France, brings 20 shows, 6 of which are accompanied by the Direction régionale.


Storytellers, singers, musicians and actors come marching to the Ferme du Buisson and throughout the territory of Paris-Vallée de la Marne. Nine municipalities in total (Champs-sur-Marne, Chelles, Lognes, Noisiel, Collège, Vaires-sur-Marne, Roissy-en-Brie, Pontault-Combault,Torcy) welcome these performances for the pleasure of children and adults.

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The programming is drawn in multiple and original musical experiences. The theatre combines in music while the musical tale adopts an initiatory and fantastic form. Stories, songs, pirouettes and percussion vocalize a poetic and burlesque epic. And then, film-concert of shadows and objects, opera-tale, object theatre, percussion and mapping, audiovisual, sensory and immersive concert agree to give the the

The shows sing all the musical forms of the poetic epic: science fiction, adventure, burlesque or ecological fable...


At the end of the Festival : The two birdsan immersive, musical and visual show from 12 months, Madeleines in the galaxyexperimental music from 6 years and Ssoukouk, polyphonic singing from the age of 6. And the much awaited "Curious Village" which takes possession of the places and offers a festive day animated by thousand and one proposals.

Focus on 6 performances

The Piper 

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© Olivier Ouadah

In a city infested by rats, the locals turn to the flute player to help them… This flute player reveals with humour and poetry, the damage caused by human stupidity and ignorance, and opposes them an equally powerful power: that of music! A musical and poetic fable that transposes the tale of the Grimm brothers into our contemporary world. Oh Company! Yes... received both aid for dramatic production and aid to companies under contract by DRAC Île-de-France.

The girl without a hand

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© Dr for the 2022 "Tout'Ouïe" Festival

In this initiatory and fantastic tale, a young farmer falls in love with a bird woman... A real initiatory and dreamlike journey, as an ode to the feminine, to the resilience and the forces of nature, this show takes drama to healing, in music. An opera-tale that revisits the fable of the Grimm brothers by mixing theatre, video, music and baroque singing, giving body to this timeless story that begins in the drama and ends in the light. Cie du Loup-Ange, a show supported by the DRAC Île-de-France.



Icarus, 4 years old, lives in a city that frightens his father: the streets, the tram, the park, the other children at school, everything seems disproportionate and dangerous for his son. So Icarus lives under high protection, until the day he decides to take risks... An immersive and poetic musical show in the form of an identity quest, to teach children to emancipate themselves by facing their fears, and parents to let their children fly on their own. The Cie Coup de Poker is covered by the DRAC Île-de-France.

© Dr for the 2022 "Tout'Ouïe" Festival


Home sweet home

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Home Sweet Home © Laurent Meunier

A percussionist builder is busy building his instrument house… but nothing works as expected! Home is a poetic epic mixing mechanical and burlesque music. The show receives the support of the DRAC Île-de-France.

South American Animal Carnival

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© Dr for the 2022 "Tout'Ouïe" Festival

A great carnival is preparing in Rio which will reconcile toucans, llamas, pink dolphins and other animals. The Almaviva Ensemble Capture the music of Camille Saint-Saëns in a thrilling musical journey to the heart of South America. A colourful and joyful show that speaks with a lot of humour about the challenge of "living together". The show receives the support of the DRAC Île-de-France.

Madeleines in the galaxy

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© Dries Segers

Above our heads climb strange plants, sprawling brass tubes capped with pavilions: a real canopy that forms a sound igloo for an exceptional musical experience! Once settled in, the musicians/machinists take control of the structure that animates, rears and vacillates! Tubas, strings, banjos and harmonicas make up a new family of instruments and a galaxy of strange and spatialized sounds in search of a new genre. Collectif Spat'Sonore. Presented at the close of the Festival, the experimental music concert is supported by the DRAC- Île-de-France.

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