The restoration of the south tower of the Cathedral of Troyes, an operation financed under the "Cathedral Plan" of the Plan of Economic Recovery, is entering its final phase. Disassembly of the scaffolding began the week of October 3, 2022. Initially, the structure was lowered to 15 metres in height to allow the roofers to intervene (duration of the intervention 3 weeks), then the removal of the lower parts of the scaffolding will continue until mid-December 2022.

Scaffolding removal is in progress



The removal of the scaffolding is carried out with care especially at the level of the sculpted and moulded structures because of the fineness of the decorations. The closing of the anchor holes will be done by a qualified mason in order to obtain the same quality of joint as those made by the company Chatignoux.




Joints on the entire façade

The joints are being built on the entire facade and tests of harmonization patina are being tested by application with a round sponge (which means that the angles are not marked).



The covers (3mm thick lead) of the sculpted elements have been installed to guarantee the watertightness of the structures.



Stone replacement

The cut stones are transported to the site by truck from the Chatignoux workshops and then installed on the cathedral by drawer. The deposited stones are kept on pallets to be recovered and stored in the stone deposit or to be exhibited.


The guardrail of the terrace 31 meters


The railing, partially destroyed, has been restored and the sculpted elements taken back.

Amount of opération


€1,042,013 including taxes : 100% State financing, including €1,005,082 under the «Cathedral Plan» measure of the Economic Recovery Plan.

Estimated construction time
18 months.

 Mastery d'work

Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs Grand Est (Regional Conservation of Historical Monuments).

 Mastery work

Michel Trubert, Chief Architect of Historical Monuments - Trubert Architects Agency.