To accompany professionals in their practices (production, dissemination, organization, writing, etc.), ARTCENA – Centre national des arts du cirque, de la rue et du théâtre, offers a collection of guides for artists, companies, elected officials, municipal services, downloadable for free on its website.

The last published guide deals with parenting in the circus, but can be extended to the professions of live performance.

The profession of circus artist embraces a wide variety of artistic disciplines. Faced with constant changes in the sector and the specificities of each artistic writing, these disciplines are constantly evolving. In addition to intense and plural physical practice, this activity requires a high availability linked to the rhythms of artistic projects, from their creation to their diffusion. A parenting project can then be difficult to reconcile with the professional reality of the intermittent performing arts, and more specifically of circassians and circassians.

The objective of this guide is to offer professional resources to best adapt your practice with your personal project. It includes several fact sheets on parenting and intermittency but also on family support systems.

It can be downloaded via the ARTCENA site.

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