The Art Danse festival, created in 1988 by teachers, dancers and choreographers Marijo Gros and Véronique Mathiaut in Burgundy-Franche-Comté, is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. This event is carried by Le Dancing, labeled CDCN (national choreographic development center), in Dijon. For this new edition, the Dijon festival promises us to enter an imaginary, showing audacity and originality.

From the first dance gesture ever invented to the construction of a bread oven, from the chaotic movements of popular manifestations to the magnetic one of planetary rotations, from a divinatory tarot to a romantic ballet, the programming is full of surprises and discoveries.”

During these 3 weeks, we will find 5 routes: Ignite the fire, Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Collective Action/Collective Energies, Game/Tu/iel, and Poetic Landscapes.


The Drac de Bourgogne-Franche-Comté supports…


  • Marelle/ que les corps modulent! , by Benjamin Dupé and Marine Colard

March 15-19, auditOrium

In this creation, children are both dancers and musicians of the project. This concept is based on a device in which each movement is a pretext for sound production, like a musical hopscotch.”


  • Variability + Système, by Antoine Arbeit

March 25, Théâtre des Feuillants

Variability – a process of rhythmic ceremony is a poetic and mesmerizing choreographic ritual. Punctuated by the intensive repetition of the gesture, it takes us in an instinctive dance. The movement of there reflects and transforms tirelessly, at the heart of a scenography with evolutionary forms as so many dream landscapes. Inspired by the motion of the planets around the sun, Système leaves the landscapes for the vastness of space. The bodies unfold all their dimensionality, carried away by turns and gravitation. Within this cyclical dance comes a magnetic, dynamic and exhilarating circle.”

Find the full programme of the festival here.

Marine Colard and Antoine Arbeit receive a grant (ADSV) from the Drac Burgundy-Franche-Comté. These young artists with a contemporary and bold vision propose to the public innovative projects, with a real commitment to an approach focused on arts and cultural education.

Aid decentralized to the SpeLive Ctacle (ADSV)


The ADSV (deconcentrated aid to the live show) is an aid granted to artists who wish to have financial support to accompany them in the realization of a specific project, in the contribution to the structuring of a team, or in supporting their artistic proposals of excellence.

This assistance can be expressed in two ways: project assistance, one-time (one-year) assistance during the creation and implementation of a project, and assistance with the contract (lasting two to four years), which is more in line with support for the development and structuring of the artist or artistic team.

This aid is awarded according to certain criteria:

  • the viability of the productions and the economic balance of the artist;
  • the strengthening of the volume and quality of employment in relation to the remuneration within the teams;
  • renewal of artists/artistic teams (diversity of artistic styles represented, etc.) and equity in support of women and men;
  • the sustainability of projects.

Projects that demonstrate audacity and originality, with a contemporary creation, are often appreciated. The presence of an EAC vision (arts and cultural education) is also privileged, since transmission to young audiences has now become a priority.

The renewal of ADSV is not limited, artists can be accompanied throughout their project(s)/career by the regional direction of cultural affairs.