To discover: a collection of liturgical objects from the Byzantine period to the 19th century

The Cathedral of Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Lyon, listed as a historic monument, is located in the heart of the historic site of Lyon inscribed by UNESCO on the World Heritage List.
The present Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, seat of the bishopric of the Primate of Gaul, was erected from the 12the century, on the banks of the Saône. It was the heart of an imposing cathedral complex, of which are still visible the Saint John Palace, the archdiocese, the ruins of the baptistery and the church of the Holy Cross and the manécanterie which serves as a showcase for the Cathedral Treasury.

The history of the Treasury

The Medieval Treasury of the Cathedral of Lyon was destroyed in 1562 by the pillage of the Calvinist baron of Adrets, robbed under Louis XIV and then plundered during the Revolution. In the aftermath of the Concordat, in the context of a new religious impulse, Cardinal Joseph FESCH, appointed to the diocese by his nephew Napoleon Bonaparte, donated part of his prestigious art collection: Byzantine capitals, tapestries of Flanders and Aubusson, embroidered chasubles.

After him, the cardinal of BONALD, continues the reconstruction of the lost Treasury: Byzantine ivories, Limousin enamels, Italian Renaissance goldsmithing, hat embroidered with gold thread. This prelate also endeavoured to order from the goldsmiths of his city pieces of religious goldsmithing for the Lyons cult. Treasury objects are all protected as historical monuments.

Today, it is the ancient medieval school of chanting of the clergy, called manecanteria” which serves as a treasure chest.

The Treasury is managed by the Centre des Monuments Nationaux and administered by the architect of the French buildings of the Departmental Unit of the Rhône and the metropolis of Lyon.



Metro: Old Lyon. Saint John Cathedral. Line D. Bus 28-31-184 shuttle 4
Coach parking 200m (quai Romain Rolland bord de Saône)
Access to the museum from inside the cathedral: portal SOUTH

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