The 9th edition of the Haizebegi Festival will be held in Bayonne from October 6 to 16, 2022. Concerts, meetings, films, workshops… discover music as a mediation tool at the heart of social issues.

The DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine/ Ministry of Culture, the City of Bayonne, the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, the CNRS, the Carasso Foundation and the EHESS are partners in the Haizebegi Festival. Over a period of about ten days, the festival offers a series of concerts, screenings and debates on how musicians, filmmakers, researchers and cultural actors present music in all its components.

Programming closely linked to current events   

In 2022, attention is focused on Ukrainian news and questions the role of music when life itself is threatened. On October 6, attend the “Ukraine: Why War?” panel discussion, moderated by historian Thomas Chopard, followed by a concert by the Vocal Ensemble of the Ivan Honchar Museum of Kyiv (Ukrainian polyphonic songs).

Projet Polyphonie Kiev


Afghanistan national institute of music

This year, Haizebegi is delighted to welcome the musicians of Afghan National Music Institute, closed as soon as the Taliban came to power in 2021. Since the departure of his 300 musicians on the roads of exile, a part of them will perform for the first time in Europe on October 13.

Finally, how not to mention the ecological transition in connection with electronic music? Meet on October 8 for a day of debates, with geographer Béatrice Collignon and researcher Laurent Chauvaud and to discover the emerging project of the Basque Orchestra of Recycled Instruments, soutenu as part of the DRAC Cultural Summer.

Orchestre Basque des instruments recyclés

An extension of the Cultural Summer

In order to reaffirm the role of the arts and culture in resetting the social bond after the first lockdown, the Ministry of Culture initiated the Cultural Summer. This system, which is now deployed every summer on the national territory, offers vulnerable audiences, especially young people and their families who do not go on holiday, a quality cultural offer, while accompanying young artists, recent graduates of arts higher education schools, in access to the labour market.

Haizebegi does not want to be a festival that would make music an art of entertainment. In contrast to this conception, we consider music as a tool for knowledge of human societies.”

Supported by the DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine during the first two editions of the Cultural Summer, the Haizebegi festival notably produced Aztarnak 1, a film directed by asylum seekers at the Bayonne Asylum Centre (CADA) and by autistic students of the Bayonne Film School San Sebastián (Spain) and then Aztarnak 2, a concert of the Basques Euskal Barrockensemble accompanied by the musicians of the Cité Breuer and the Hip-Hop dancers of the school Street Art Studio. For its third participation in the Cultural Summer, the Haizebegi Festival gives birth to the Basque Orchestra of Recycled Instruments, that is to say, made from waste collected in the garbage or on the beach.

Teaser du Festival Haizebegi 2022