Between script writing, shooting, highlighting scenes and editing, young and old, amateurs or professionals, can participate all summer long in introductory workshops to the careers of cinema.

Making the cinema and the techniques of film creation accessible are the common objectives of the Soundtrack (Office monségurais de la Culture et des Loisirs) and the association Short-handed (Coutras), both supported by the Ministry of Culture within the framework of the Cultural Summer.

Educate oneself in the image from the youngest age

At cinema Eden de Monségur (33) , videographers Quentin Geyre and Fabian Goujon have been teaming up since the beginning of July and until August 25 to offer workshops on cinema.

We might get famous!

Action des enfants participants

The enthusiasm is palpable from the end of the first stage «Film in live shooting» hosted on 16 and 17 July by Quentin Geyre, independent director of Red currant videos and Fabian Goujon du Sound of the Cupboard. For a weekend, 4 young people aged 8 to 14 have experimented with creating a fiction film. When asked what story they wanted to tell, the answer was unanimous: "A horror film!"

To create this story, Quentin Geyre and Fabien Goujon introduced these budding filmmakers to film writing: script, storyboard, tricks of shooting and editing, use of special effects. These educational and playful workshops were an opportunity to explain the different stages and professions of cinema. At the end of the workshop, participants and their families were able to watch the film.

Effet spéciaux lors de l'atelier
Other workshops and an internship scheduled for August 

Want to walk on Mars or shoot laser rays with your eyes? Make it August 4th from 2pm to 6pm to participate in Special Effects Workshop.

If you prefer to create a movie soundtrack, the Sound effects workshop is made for you! See you August 25 from 2pm to 6pm.

And for the more patient, a second film creation course will take place the weekend of 20 and 21 August from 10am to 5pm. On the program this time, the creation of a stop-motion film!

Short Tredheads: when making movies becomes accessible

Atelier scénario Cours aux Trousses.jpg

From July 21 to August 20, the association Short-tailed offers a series of workshops for young people from Charentais-Maritime and Girondins. Guided by a screenwriter-director, a visual photographer and a director-editor, the budding filmmakers discover the Neo-Black film genre and German expressionism, an artistic movement of the 1930s. The program? Workshop writing script, shooting and post-production of the credits.

With sharing at the heart of the workshops, the young interns of Court aux Trousses get to know each other better and experience the creation and discovery of each other! It is also an opportunity for them to meet audiovisual and film professionals and take their first step with pro material.

The Cultural Summer

While reaffirming the role of the arts and culture in the rebirth of the social bond, the Cultural Summer is a device of the Ministry of Culture whose objective is to allow vulnerable audiences, especially young people and their families who do not have the opportunity to go on holiday, to access a quality cultural offer during the summer period. The operation should also enable young artists, who have recently graduated from art schools, to be supported in their access to employment.