The construction site being completed to make the Saint-Louis Cathedral accessible to people with reduced mobility is the occasion for a mediation action in comics with the students of a ULIS class.


Telling the story of the Grand Temple, the Saint-Barthélémy Church and the Saint-Louis Cathedral in pictures is what students in the ULIS (Local Units for Inclusive Schooling for Students with Disabilities) class at the college experienced. Albert Camus de La Rochelle.

By imagining the story of a hidden treasure, these children took a fresh look at the historical heritage of their territory while learning about comics alongside Thierry Gioux, author known for his historical comics.

This mediation action, supported by the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs (DRAC) of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, has resulted in a collective work exposed on the palisade throughout the construction of accessibility, and on the scaffolding of the Saint-Barthélémy tower, restored as part of the Plan France relaunch.      

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The Saint-Louis de La Rochell Cathedral Accessibility Projecte

As part of the improvement of accessibility for people with reduced mobility, the Regional Conservation of Historic Monuments (CRMH) of Nouvelle-Aquitaine entrusted to Philippe Villeneuve, chief architect of Historic Monuments, the construction of a new walkway, served on both sides by two 5% inclined ramps, in accordance with current standards, and the addition of automatic doors allowing access to the interior of the building in an autonomous manner. This work is ordered and financed by the DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine for a total amount of 255 113 €.

The archaeological diagnosis prior to the construction site made it possible to identify the location of the southern part of the foundations of the Great Temple and to protect them.

The cathedral, classified as a Historic Monument on October 30, 1906, remains accessible through its main facade throughout the construction period. The palisade will be moved between the two phases of the project.