Head of Department: David MORISSET - Architecte des Bâtiments de France (ABF)

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Lot-et-Garonne UDAP
2 bis rue Etienne Dolet
47000 AGEN
urban planning: ads.udap47@culture.gouv.fr

Community of Communes Bastides en Haut Agenais Perigord in Monflanquin
Agglomeration of Greater Villeneuvois in Casseneuil

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Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 11.30am and 1.30pm to 4.30pm


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The landscape and heritage of Lot-et-Garonne bears the quality and sustainable values of its living environment and economy. Nearly two hundred municipalities of the department are concerned by a protected area: listed or classified site, historical monument and its surroundings, ZPPAUP/AVAP or remarkable heritage site.

A crossroads of natural and human geographical entities, the department is located in the heart of the Aquitain Basin, at the gates of Toulouse, Quercy, Guyenne and Armagnac. Its architecture skillfully mixes the brick and limestone materials of these regions. The hills and hillsides are crossed by the wide valleys opened by the abundant streams – Garonne, Lot and Dropt – lined with high and low terraces and floodplains. Communication axes, they host cities centers while villages choose heights. The bastides, of orthogonal composition and rapid construction, testify to a medieval viticultural and speculative economy.

The rural area is dominated by a diversified agriculture of orchards, cereals, vineyards and farmland. The cultivated land is punctuated with beautiful constructions. The gardened landscape is often compared to that of Tuscany. The forests occupy the limits of the department: the pine forests of the Landes and the chestnut forests of the Quercy and the Dordogne. However, the strong spread of settlement that marks the new century, opposes the depopulation that weighed on the villages in the twentieth century. The urban exodus affects ancient centres. Natural and built sites punctuate these liminal spaces and are the landmarks to be preserved.