Spotlight on the programming of this exceptional event that celebrates the famous abbey, known throughout the world.

 ​The National Monuments Centre and the Public Establishment of Mont Saint-Michel is suitable for historians, musicians, dancers, artists and authors to celebrate the Millennium of the abbey church, whose iconic silhouette has become, in 1000 years, an icon of the West. A celebration of human genius and the arts throughout 2023 that allows us to take a new look at Mont Saint-Michel and its bay, a natural setting preserved through the long work of restoring the maritime character.

At the heart of the projects is the exhibition “La Demeure de l'Archange” from May 20 to November 5, 2023, and the symposium “1023-2023, Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy and Europe” from May 31 to June 4, 2023. Two key events to which the Normandy DRAC is associated.



At the heart of this program is the exhibition “The Archangel’s Home” (May 20 to November 5, 2023)


The exhibition «la demeure de l'Archange» is a journey through the ages to discover some great stages of the history of the mount, both from an architectural and devotional point of view.

Five large parts, between the west terrace and the choir, are to be discovered:

- Architectural techniques and decoration
- Mont Saint-Michel Abbey in Classical Times
- Holy Founder and pilgrimages
- Major restoration projects
- Saint Michel and the treasure restored in the 19th century.

Among the objects presented, two remarkable objects (the hunt of Saint Aubert and the statue of Saint Michel). Two incredible works that have been the object of attention and careful restoration.

Exposition La Demeure de l'Archange - Millénaire du Mont Saint Michel 2023
Exposition La Demeure de l'Archange - Millénaire du Mont Saint Michel 2023 II

The curators, Mathilde Labatut (curator at the DRAC of Normandy) and Brigitte Galbrun (curator of antiquities and art objects at the departmental council of the Channel) have mounted this exhibition with as key of voute the presentation of remarkable and symbolic objects allowing to re-discover the mount Saint-Michel from a new angle. The editing of the exhibition is as spectacular as the works that will be presented.

La Demeure de l'Archange au Mont Saint Michel - arrivée des oeuvres
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The exhibition is to be discovered at Mont Saint Michel in the guest room of the Abbey from May 20 to November 5, 2023. Mathilde Labatut and Brigitte Galbrun present the exhibition as they have chosen to present it.

La Demeure de l'Archange au Mont Saint Michel - présentation de l'exposition
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Symposium 1023-2023, Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy and Europe (May 31 to June 4, 2023)


At the heart of the Mont Saint-Michel millennium program, the conference «1023-2023, Mille ans d'histoire et d'archéologie du Mont Saint Michel» at Cerisy la Salle and Mont Saint-Michel.

- Inaugural meeting of the Cerisy Symposium at the Mont Saint-Michel Abbey, May 31, 2023.
- Held at the Cerisy la Salle International Cultural Centre, from 1 to 4 June 2023.

This symposium is presented under the direction of Mathilde Labatut (curator at DRAC Normandy) and Fabien Paquet (lecturer in medieval history at the University of Caen).

He starts from this strange observation: the work on the sources concerning Mont Saint-Michel has probably never been so strong, but this has not always led to new questions and interpretations. This meeting is an opportunity to explore an unusual historical object in all its dimensions but also to confront the most new historiographic problems that surround the building.