As part of the Cultural Olympiad, on October 18, Marie-José Pérec, three-time Olympic champion, was the guest of honour at a sports and literature evening at the PUC Social Club, with the support of the DRAC Île-de-France. A round table in his presence and with three authors highlighted the links between sport and culture, between artists and athletes.


Bringing together literature and athletics in one place, this strong link between these two worlds, was an obvious Paris University Club. Everyone still remembers the achievements of the triple Olympic champion (1992 - Olympic Games Barcelona 400 metres, 1996 - Olympic Games Atlanta 400 metres and 200 metres).

The athlete Marie-José Pérec is the heroine ofOlympia, the latest novel by Paul-Henry Bizon, it was consecrated "Legend of sport" at the National Sports Museum in April 2022 in Nice and named The divine by a major sports daily.


Marc Guillaume, Prefect of Paris Prefect of the Île-de-France Region and Bernard Comment, President of the Paris Universitaire Club © dr PUC


Cyrille Martinez, Lisette Lombé, Paul-Henry Bizon, Marie-José Pérec, Bernard Comment, Laurent Roturier (Regional Director of the Drac île-de-France) and Laurie Delhostal © dr PUC

During this evening hosted by Laurie Delhostal, journalist, co-chair of the Collectif des Femmes journalistes de sport (FJS) and vice-president of theUnion of Sports Journalists, Marie-José Pérec was surrounded by Paul-Henry Bizon, writer and poet, for his novel Olympia (Gallimard, 2021), Lisette Lombé, slameuse and poet, author of Burning, Burning, Burning (The Iconoclast, 2021), Cyrille Martinez, writer, in residence at the PUC until June 2023 as part of the City of Paris sports artist residencies for her book The Jean-Claude Marathon and other sports events (Verticals, 2022).


Marie-José Pérec at the launch of the Cultural Olympiad © dr PUC

Of readings of There is no point in run… by Marie-José Pérec by Natacha Bordaz and Émilie Noé from the theatre section of the PUC were also presented.

be passionate because with passion, you can go very far


Cyrille Martinez, Lisette Lombé, Paul-Henry Bizon, Marie-José Pérec and Laurie Delhostal © Dr PUC

Marie-José Pérec / Olympiade culturelle

At the end of the round table, the journalist, Laurie Delhostal greatly appreciated "This rich and moving exchange with Marie-José Perec and the authors and authors present this evening. We could not get off to a better start". The novelist, Paul-Henri Bizon assures:"It’s always a pleasure to spend some time with Marie-José. A pleasure to listen to, delighted to listen to the work of Lisette and Cyril and delighted to participate."What interests meentrusted the writer and poet, Cyrille Martinez, is the sporting gesture. What we have never seen in France". Lisette Lombé sees in the champion "A form of elegance and pugnacity. It’s someone who fights to get to the finish line. It’s really the mind, a winner and at the same time a beautiful woman."

Marie-José Perec appreciated the participation of "These people really come from the culture and bring light to sport. This mixture of sport and culture in this way is very rewarding. If I had a piece of advice to give to young athletes, you have to give yourself the means and be passionate because with passion you can go very far."


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