Find here the timetable, the methods of instruction, the conditions to be fulfilled and the territorial references relating to these applications for investment grants submitted under the 2024 program for historical monuments.

Within the Direction régionale des affaires culturelles (DRAC) Hauts-de-France, the Service de la conservation régionale des Monuments Historiques (CRMH) assists the owners of public and private historical monuments in the development of their work project.
From April 1 to June 15, 2023, owners of historic monuments can apply for a grant for a restoration project.

Necessary conditions of the grant application

  • The planning authorizations relating to the proposed dossier must be at least submitted and preferably issued: this is the building permit for the listed buildings, the work authorization for the listed monuments. Files that do not meet this condition cannot be reviewed.
  • The work must not be started (notification of contracts or acceptance of an estimate) before the Regional Conservation of Historic Monuments (CRMH) has notified the eligibility of the grant application.

The notification of admissibility established takes place within a maximum of two months following the filing of your grant application. This will allow you to initiate the transaction under your financial responsibility.
This notification of admissibility does not constitute confirmation of acceptance of the grant application.

The calendar

  • From April 1 to June 15, 2023: Submission of grant applications by project sponsors

To submit your applications, you can use the dematerialized route.
If you don’t have the opportunity, you can always use the postal line

  • 2nd half of June 2023: Meeting of the Pre-Programming Committee

This commission brings together the heritage services of the State, the region, the department and the heritage foundation to draw up a common programme.

  • End of year 2023: Information for project promoters

You will then be notified of the decision concerning your application: 2024 programming, postponement 2025 or not retained.

  • Early 2024: financial commitment

Subject to availability of appropriations, successful and complete applications will receive a financial commitment.

  • 1st half of 2024: dissemination of grant agreements or orders


The territorial referents within the regional conservation of historic monuments (CRMH) are at your side and can provide you with the details you will need and answer your questions: