The 2023 campaign of support mechanisms for artist authors: individual aids to the creation and allocation of workshop installation and purchase of material is open from Monday, January 2 to Thursday, March 2 (12h).

Individual Creative Assistance (AIC)

The Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs (DRAC) Hauts-de-France allocates individual creative assistance to active artists, residing in the region, to enable them to finance the development of an artistic project in any field of visual arts, taking into account the artistic interest of the project, the conditions for its implementation and the applicant’s professional approach.

Individual creative assistance is intended to enable artists to carry out an artistic project or research, without necessarily resulting in the production of a work. The aid may not exceed €8,000.

Workshop Installation and Equipment Purchase Allowance (AIA)

The DRAC Hauts-de-France allocates allowances for the installation of workshops and the purchase of equipment to active artists living in the region, to enable them to finance work on their workshop or the acquisition of equipment necessary for the practice of their artistic activity in any field of the visual arts.

The aid may not exceed 50% of the total cost of the work or equipment. Artists may carry out the work themselves. In this case, only the cost of the materials is taken into account.

Before any application is submitted, applicants are invited to contact the visual arts advisor in order to plan the organization of a meeting time as early as possible and to ensure the eligibility of the project.

Deposit method

The applications must be deposited directly on the paperless platform. The procedures for filing applications are available on these pages:

It is essential to have a SIRET number in your own name, domiciled in Hauts de France and updated to file a file.

If you do not yet have a SIRET number, you can access the online procedures and services: 


Eric Jarrot - consultant for visual arts
Tel. 03 28 36 62 01

Laëtitia Delefosse - assistant
Tel. 03 28 36 62 01