Friday, November 25, 2022, the Community of Communes of the Pays de Bray (CCPB), the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs (DRAC) Hauts-de-France, the Académie d'Amiens and the Departmental Council of Oise signed for the renewal of the contract Culture-Rurality in Pays de Bray.

Engaged in a first contract Culture-Rurality 2019-2022, the partners wanted to continue the conventionment to face the imbalance that still exists in theequal access to culture on the territory of the CCPB.

The Conseil départemental de l'Oise also becomes a signatory to the convention, in order to provide its assistance and expertise to the CCPB, to link the community with all the cultural resources and facilities offered by the Conseil départemental. This is the first rural culture contract signed by the Oise county council.

This new contract aims to bring culture to the inhabitants of the territory and in particular to children and young people, while (re) discovering and appropriating their territory.

Over the next three years, the community wanted to explore with the selected artists and all the actors of the territory, the four priority axes proposed by the rural culture contract:

  • the stake of the conviviality and social cohesion,
  • the stake of the rural youth,
  • the stake of the mobilities,
  • the stake environmental and the question of the link that the inhabitants have with the living world.



The present contract Culture-Rurality in Pays de Bray has a strong singularity because it relies exceptionally on the complementarity and mobilization of two mechanisms, one carried by the Hauts-de-France regional council: the «long territory residence» and the other, carried by the DRAC Hauts-de-France: the mission residence for artistic and cultural education purposes.

Thus, as part of a dialogue between the partners, the community of communes has chosen to host, in «long-term residence of territory» and for the duration of the present contract culture-rurality (2022-2025), the company A vrai dire, directed by Vincent Ecrepon. The event around the signature was animated by an intervention of a company invited by the company A vrai dire: la compagnie la comédie des anges, directed by Céline Bellanger.