The European Night of Museums returns this Saturday, May 13, 2023 for its 19th edition. On this occasion, in the evening, the museums open their doors free of charge and offer various activities. Discover the programming of the Northern Department.

Historic Mining Centre, Lewarde


For museum night, the festive atmosphere of the 7th art is spreading on the Mining Historical Centre in Lewarde, on the occasion of the temporary exhibition «La Mine fait son cinéma». Throughout the evening, watch various screenings proposed by «La Bulle enchantée», which revive 16 and 35 mm films from the Centre’s archives, produced by the Houillères from 1947 to the 1980s. As for the different rooms of the museum, they will be animated the soundtracks of these films, to which have contributed famous composers. The period commentary will make you relive a slice of the Mining Basin’s history. A photo studio with accessories, miner’s outfit, helmet, peak, lamp, boa, bow tie and sequins will be available so that everyone can take themselves for a miner or the star of a night. 


LAAC, Place d'art et Action Contemporaine, Dunkerque

The LAAC, Place d'art et Action Contemporaine, in Dunkerque offers you, at night, many workshops: inspired by works of the place, with family or between adults, come to create decorations from the waste of the sea. Several dance performances and guided tours will take place in the evening.


LaM, Villeneuve-d'Ascq

LaM Villeneuve d'Ascq © F. Iovino.jpg

Come celebrate the 40th anniversary of the LaM during the European Night of Museums with musical and festive punctuations, visit the museum’s permanent collection with a flashlight in an unusual way and enjoy guided tours of the exhibition «Isamu Noguchi, sculpting the world». You can also learn drawing through the discovery of the Manga style and screen printing. The evening will end in music with the concerts of the collective "Abandon les filles", which defends the equality of representation of women and the Queer community on the Lille electronic stage!


Departmental Museum of Flanders, Cassel

Along a route punctuated by meetings with artists, mediators, storytellers, dancers, come stroll in the museum, get carried away by the stories of a traveller who crosses time, listen to the sound of waves, dive into children’s dreams or grasp the magic of everyday life, at the heart of the exhibition «Silence & Résonance».


Matisse Departmental Museum, Le Cateau-Cambrésis

The Matisse Departmental Museum invites you to a great musical evening where you can hear no less than 5 concerts and 7 soloists. You can also take part in guided tours of the Matisse, Teriade and Herbin collections or in open workshops: «Printed Figures» proposed around the hanging of Giacometti’s work and «Sur le motif, du textile à l'aquarelle» proposed around the Matisse collection.


Valenciennes Museum of Fine Arts

Beaux-Arts de Valenciennes - © Parkour 59.jpg

Many guided tours will take place at the Valenciennes Museum of Fine Arts. On the programme: the exhibition off-the-walls of the artist Luis Meyer, invitation to dive into the photos of archives, free exchange to (himself) tell the Museum, with the Det Kaizen Company, and even: acrobatic guided tour, with the association Parkour 59, or a visit-sketch and a workshop for making lanterns.


Musée des Dentelles et Broderies de Caudry

Head to the Musée des Dentelles et Broderies in Caudry for a light and musical evening stroll in the temporary exhibition «Riding the Light by Fred Sathal». Your exploration will be punctuated with surprises that will immerse you in the universe of the artist.


Natural History Museum of Lille


Do dinosaurs, mammals and mummies from the Museum come to life at dusk? Come and discover it at night and enjoy a visit of the places only in the light of your flashlights and your phones!


Henri Boëz Museum, Maubeuge

The Henri Boëz Museum offers a virtual reality experience, an opportunity for you to discover a few works differently thanks to this innovative device designed to allow you to interact with any environment, as you wish. Test your detective skills by solving the mysterious letter of Henri Boëz, the former curator of the Maubeugeois museum, dated 1939: it mentions hidden treasures for many years...


MusVerre, Sars-Poteries

The Glass Museum, museum of the Northern Department, in Sars-Poteries invites you to the inauguration of the exhibition «waters of life». As well as a collective blowing in the glass workshop, a participatory weaving in the museum and guided tours in music and singing.


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The European Night of Museums is organized by the Ministry of Culture, and implemented by the Regional Directorates of Cultural Affairs (DRAC) and benefits from the strong involvement of many local actors. It benefits from the patronage of UNESCO, the Council of Europe, ICOM France and numerous institutional partnerships (Ratp, Ffsam, Paris Musées, Phenix Digital, Insert) and media (France Télévision, Radio France, Arte, TV5 Monde, France Media Monde, Le Figaro, Technikart, Konbini, 20 minutes, Gulli, Beaux-Arts, Toute l'Histoire, Parents, Detours in France).