The European Night of Museums returns this Saturday, May 13, 2023 for its 19th edition. On this occasion, in the evening, the museums open their doors free of charge and offer various activities. Discover the programming of the Aisne department.

Laon Country Museum of Art and Archaeology

In the middle of its works, the Museum of Art and Archaeology of the Land of Laon offers a theatre show «High Museum, Low Museum»: the sketches will be played as visitors wander through the rooms of the museum, from 8 pm to 11 pm. Outside, a night show will take place on the walls of the museum. The younger ones will be able to travel in the museum thanks to a discovery route where Mr. Grosjean, director of the museum, offers his small travel diary with which you will have to search, look and note some information.


Museum of the Thiérache, in Vervins

Discover the exhibition «Collections particulières: passions partagés - Armes blanches et à feu (1598-1870)» at the Thiérache Museum in Vervins. With this exhibition, the first of its kind, the Musée de la Thiérache aims to reveal the hidden treasures contained in the particular collections of our region. The museum also offers a reading of some of its 1200 projection plates, produced between 1880 and 1940. These “bright images”, intended to be projected with a magic lantern, mark the rise of an innovative educational practice, ushering in a form of visual culture based on meaning and sensitivity.


Soissons Museum

Let yourself be guided around the collections and the exhibition «3.5», the first major museum monograph dedicated to the artist Kim Kototama Lune, accompanied by the collective Bones and Clouds (Jean-Benoist Sallé and Stéphane Baz), at the Soissons museum. Youth productions will also be featured:

  • Two CM2 classes from the Ramon School and CE2-CM1 from the Saint-Crépin School will present 10 large-scale works developed during workshops combining cultural challenges and plastic arts, in the Saint-Léger cloister, Saturday 13 but from 6pm to 7pm. 
  • A group of teenagers from the Chevreux Social Center and the Galilee School’s fifth-graders will present their fiction films, respectively, An Imaginary World » and Recycl'Art.


Butterflies Museum, Saint-Quentin

For the night of the museums, two shows are offered at the Musée des Papillons de Saint-Quentin. The first, a small shadow theatre, named The Butterfly Effect designed by Stéphanie Clerc Masson, will tell you and sing the life of a moth that is heading towards the city and its lights. The second is offered by the artists of the multidisciplinary company «Racines Carré», during this special night, the living art of dance will be honored by two performers in an intimate and surprising moment in the light of the candle.


Guise Castle

A thousand years of history have built this site, first a medieval castle with its stone keep, its well and its barnyard, then a powerful bastioned fortress with its long underground tunnels, artillery casemates and brick walls. On the occasion of the Night of Museums, relive the history of Guise Castle, a fortress at the heart of European events from the 10th to the 20th century, during a visit where you will meet different characters from the history of the place that will animate the spaces through historical sketches.

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The European Night of Museums is organized by the Ministry of Culture, and implemented by the Regional Directorates of Cultural Affairs (DRAC) and benefits from the strong involvement of many local actors. It benefits from the patronage of UNESCO, the Council of Europe, ICOM France and numerous institutional partnerships (Ratp, Ffsam, Paris Musées, Phenix Digital, Insert) and media (France Télévision, Radio France, Arte, TV5 Monde, France Media Monde, Le Figaro, Technikart, Konbini, 20 minutes, Gulli, Beaux-Arts, Toute l'Histoire, Parents, Detours in France).