Find a presentation of the Drac Hauts-de-France and its missions through a video and a brochure.

  • Documentary film

It was carried out as part of the final examination of the students of the Section of Higher Technicians (STS) of the audiovisual professions of the Lycée Jean Rostand in Roubaix in the North.

Three students from different specialties (image, sound and editing), drawn by lot by the pedagogical team, were entrusted to make this film under the direction of their pedagogical referent.

In a tight schedule, these students were able to meet a large number of professionals and cultural structures from Hauts-de-France who agreed to talk about their missions and be filmed as part of their work. We thank them once again warmly.

This 30-minute film offers an overview of the Drac’s main missions.

  • Information booklet

The work of a graphic designer promoted by the Cambrai Art School, this information brochure is intended to be educational and attractive thanks to short texts and a series of photos of the sites of Lille and Amiens as well as the five departmental units of architecture and heritage.

The brochure is available in hard copy on request at:


La Drac et ses missions