The regional archaeological service of the DRAC Hauts-de-France publishes the twenty-first issue of the collection "Archéologie des Hauts-de-France".

Entitled “ Lille, the witnesses of a faience of the 1st empire discovered under the birthplace Charles de Gaulle ", on the 21ste Archaeology Collection Number of Hauts-de-France, is available below:


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This issue is also available in hard copy, subject to availability, upon written request from:

Karine Delfolie
Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs
Regional Archaeological Service
3, rue du Lombard CS 80016
59041 Lille Cedex

Brief presentation

Manuscripts and ancient papers covered by walls, earthenware and relics hidden under the floor, it is a real treasure that was discovered by the teams of the archaeology and heritage department of the Nord department at 9 rue Princesse in Lille. It is also at this address, in a charming holiday home that a certain Charles de Gaulle lived his childhood. The house, now a museum and listed as a historical monument, currently under renovation, has revealed its secrets to the workers and archaeologists on site by offering them some surprising vestiges of the past.

Find the details of this discovery in this twenty-first issue of archaeology in Hauts-de-France. This 8-page brochure written by the Department of Archaeology and Heritage of the Department of the North and the Maison natale Charles de Gaulle illustrates the work of the teams, the childhood of Charles de Gaulle and unusual objects recently discovered on site.