The Regional Archaeological Service of the DRAC Hauts-de-France publishes the 29th issue of the collection "Archéologie des Hauts-de-France".

This 8-page brochure, written in collaboration with the archaeology operator «Eveha» tells, in a synthetic and illustrated way, the stages of the archaeological excavation that took place on the mills of Blendecques located near the AA.

It also shows how the archaeological operations on these millers sites contribute to a better knowledge of the techniques of construction of mills, their evolution and their functioning over the centuries.

This brochure, entitled «Blendecques, rue du vieux moulin: trois moulins à eau au milieu de l'AA» is also available on paper, subject to stock availability, upon written request from:

Karine Delfolie
Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs
Regional Archaeology Service
3 rue du Lombard CS 80016
59041 Lille Cedex

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29th issue of the collection Archéologie des Hauts-de-France

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