Deadlines: November 7, 2022 for dance, November 15, 2022 for theatre - street and circus arts and November 21, 2022 for music.

Presentation of the device 

The artistic teams (dance companies, theatre, circus, street arts and musical ensemble) can be accompanied by the Ministry within the framework of the device of decentralized aids to live performance (ADSV). Every year about 1300 teams from all disciplines are supported.

This aid scheme is governed by statutory instruments (decree, decree, circular) which we invite you to read before any solicitation (cf. documents to download below).

These aids are of two kinds: 
- annual project aid,
- aid for multi annual agreements.

They are awarded after the admissibility of the application has been examined, an opinion has been obtained from an advisory committee of experts in the field of live entertainment and a decision has been taken by the regional directorates.

In advance of your application (preferably before submitting your application), it is imperative to contact the sectoral advisor (the) in order to discuss your project and verify the eligibility of your application.

All requests under the ADSV device are now made directly on the ministry’s dedicated web portal:

Please read the instructions, to accompany you in this online entry (downloadable on the portal).

Requests must be made according to the following temporalities:


For project aid and applications for contracts (or renewal), no later than Monday, November 7, 2022



For project aid and for applications for contracts (or renewal), not later than Monday, November 21, 2022



For project aid, no later than Tuesday, November 15, 2022


For contract (or renewal) requests: 

  • For the year 2023, the filing of contract application files (or renewal) is closed.
  • For the year 2024, contract (or renewal) requests must be made by Saturday, April 15, 2023

 The online form is available throughout the campaign, and applications received outside of these periods will not be withheld.

All documents required for the instruction of your application (Excel file) must be attached to the online form. (please use a ZIP folder to group them together):
- Art file presenting in detail your artistic projects (NOI, distribution, artistic bias, etc.) in pdf format and up to 3MB (be sure to compress the photos)

  • Details on the partnerships of show entrepreneurs (assignment contracts, residencies, co-productions)
  • Copy of contract in case of delegated production
  • Cerfa, version available for download on the site:
  • Articles of association duly declared, or copy of the articles of association and extract Kbis (or Group Agreement and copy of the OJ for GIP) for companies.
  •  Statement of bank identity in case of first request or if change.

 You can also add audio and/or audiovisual documents to the portal as attachments:
Audio or video clips, up to 45MB each and up to 2 files, if you cannot provide a link on a listening/viewing/downloading platform

After validating your application online on the portal, the DRAC will receive your application directly on the pre-determined extraction date. You will also receive a receipt of your request by email. 

List of members of the 2023 Advisory Board is being updated. It will be communicated as soon as possible so that you can invite these members to your representations so that they know your work.

Liste des experts_danse_HdF_2023.pdf

pdf - 86 Ko

Liste des experts_musique_HdF_2023.pdf

pdf - 18 Ko

Liste des experts_théâtre_HdF_2023.pdf

pdf - 68 Ko


For the DRAC Hauts de France, the administrative advisors or referents (copy your exchanges) are: