Thursday 11 May 2023 at 2 pm - Centre Pompidou-Metz. Presenting the best of young creation to professionals and audiences in the Grand Est region is the aim of this new event proposed by the Centre Pompidou-Metz and the DRAC Grand Est. Claire Hannicq and Manon Harrois, two visual artists based in the Great East, distinguished in 2021 by the Regional Commission for Individual Creative Aid for the exceptional quality of their creative project, are the first guests.

Meeting with Claire Hannicq and Manon Harrois

Thursday 11 May 2023 from 2pm to 3:30pm
At the Centre Pompidou-Metz
Wendel Amphitheatre
Free entry 

In the presence of Florence Forin, Deputy Creative Director at DRAC Grand Est and Guy Tortosa, Inspector of Artistic Creation at the Ministry of Culture.

Dedicated to artists at the beginning and middle of their careers, the Personal Creative Aid (AIC) DRDs are designed to better support and develop creative activity. They make a creative or research project possible. Observation of the routes in the Great East shows that the projects supported by the commissions respond to a moment of creation more than to its duration, not always doing justice to their creative potential. 

In 2021, the two projects of Claire Hannicq and Manon Harrois caught their attention. These two artists received a grant as well as a DRAC East Special Exchange, designed to allow them to better show their work.

Nichoir, Claire Hannicq.

Claire Hannicq is a visual artist, co-founder of the'Atelier Faires in the Vosges. Graduate of HEAR Strasbourg and ESAL-Épinal, she explores the fields of the image through many subjects.

Manon Harrois, after studying art at the ENSAAMA in Paris and an artistic stay in Niger which she kept the imprint of ancestral rites, continued her journey in Chile and Portugal, then in the Czech Republic and Germany. It is now installed in Troyes. Sculpting, drawing or performing are for Manon Harrois only revelators of spaces.

Clepsydre, 2022 de Manon Harrois : Latex, bois massif, cordes, pompe à eau, pompe à air, néons, eau, tubes, verre. Dimensions variables.
Clepsydre, 2022 de Manon Harrois. Latex, bois massif, cordes, pompe à eau, pompe à air, néons, eau, tubes, verre. Dimensions variables. | Group show / Galeria Foco, Lisbonne (Curated by Eva Slabá)
Round table

Assistants are regularly asked about their ability to leverage the future of an artist’s career. In the visual arts, professional integration is now synonymous with many professional networks of all types. Is this scholarship a way to work better?

This meeting will allow us to question the effects of the aids to creation and of this grant on the path of artists in the Great East. Beyond financial support allowing time for research and production and while the career of visual artists is linked to economic uncertainty, to what extent do these aids contribute effectively to the development of their careers?

The questioning will also pay equal attention to the dissemination of projects and their plastic quality. The cross-border position of the Great East constitutes a potential for dissemination of artists and their projects.