During the month of March 2023, meetings are given, by the DRAC Grand Est and the association "Scènes et territoires", in several territories of the Great East, to young artists, host structures and professionals for days of meetings and exchanges around the Youth ESTivants scheme.


The Cultural Summer is a national event of the Ministry of Culture initiated in 2020, implemented by the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs in the regional territory.
The DRAC Grand Est thus accompanied 201 projects and mobilized €1.18 million as part of the 2022 Cultural Summer to culturally irrigate the entire Great East.

Artistic residencies «Jeunes ESTivants»

Throughout the summer, selected young artists, graduates of Higher Education of Culture and representing all disciplines, set up their workshop for a few weeks in municipalities in rural areas or in areas covered by city policy. These aspiring artists thus benefit from a first professional experience, combining and mixing times of shared creation and mediation, promoting encounters and experimentations with the inhabitants of the territories.

Coordinatedes, for the DRAC Grand Est, by Scenes & Territories

Feedbackien2022 and 2023 outlook

Alexandre Birker and Fanny Lespris de Scènes & Territoires organized, in coordination with the DRAC Grand Est, a series of thematic days to present the program, discover Jeunes ESTivants residencies, and exchange around the artistic presence and cultural action devices in the territories.

Hosted by those who made the 2022 Cultural Summer, each meeting is the opportunity to highlight a selection of projects grouped around a common theme, to exchange on the experiences experienced by each in 2022 and to discover the short-termfilm about the Cultural Summer of the Great Is directed by Bastien Simon, but also to project together in the summer of 2023.

Five meetings scheduled

“Creating with nature” hosted by the Spectacle Vivant cluster of the city of Saint-Dié-des-Vosges at the Espace Georges Sadoul (Vosges) in partnership with the Regional Natural Park of the Northern Vosges.
Aude Wiard, Maria Luchankina and Valentine Zeler presented their 2022 season artistic residencies, in the presence of Anaïs Guédon and Renaud Weisse advisors at DRAC Grand Est.


“Meeting the inhabitants” Calonne de Sedan (Ardennes) in partnership with the network of Youth and Culture Centres and Women Relay 88.
ESTivants Héloïse Desrivières (Compagnie Delta Bergamote), Nicolas Murena (Cie Galilé), Fenda Gassama (La Boussole), Diana Elizabeth Neva Jaramillo (Cie Emballage 9) and Margaux Coterelle (Le Jardin Parallèle) presented their achievements and meetings, in the presence of Frédérique Petit and Delphine Quereux-Sbaï, DRAC advisor.

“Nnew places of emergence” Chez Simone – artistic training camp in Châteauvillain (Haute-Marne) in partnership with the network of Third Party Places Grand Est.
Mathilde Banon, CCOUAC Development and Cultural Action Officer (Azimuth Co.), Valentin Monnin, Artistic Director (Rue de la Casse Co.) and Agathe Boisset, Production and Development Officer (Collectif des Possibles) presented their experiences as places of welcome, in the presence of Pascale Valentin-Bemmert, DRAC advisor.


“Integrating the word of the inhabitants into creation” to the Brasserie du Marché de Nancy ( Meurthe-et -Moselle).
Young artists Morgane (Cie Logos), Géraldine Milanese and Fanny Didelon presented their experiences of Jeunes ESTivantes, in the presence of Colette Gravier, Sébastien Paci and Anaïs Guédon, advisors at the DRAC.

Date to come Meeting in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin)

During these meetings, the film “Jeunes Estivants” directed by Bastien SIMON during the 2022 Eté culturel is previewed. The author offers a quirky look at some of the tasty encounters that have occurred between artists, inhabitants and territories.

The film "Young ESTivants"

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