Seventeen communities in the Great East - communities of municipalities and agglomerations, departmental councils and cities - have just received a favourable opinion for the 100% Arts and Cultural Education label (2022 session) which enshrines commitments and projects in favour of arts and cultural education, one of the priorities of the intervention of the State - Ministry of Culture.


As a unifying mechanism, the label 100% arts and cultural education aims to distinguish communities engaged in a project aimed at the generalization of quality arts and cultural education for all young people in their territory.

Each young person must thus be able to benefit from a coherent path nourished by artistic and cultural practices, encounters with artists and works, multiple opportunities to acquire, deepen and put in perspective his knowledge, through a joint work of the actors concerned, in the spirit of the Charter for Arts and Cultural Education, as closely as possible to the specificities of the territories.

The label gives greater visibility to the involvement of local authorities and makes it possible in particular to mobilize other partners, sustain the schemes and develop new projects.

This process of labeling «100 % EAC» for local authorities was officially launched at the end of 2021 by the High Council for Arts and Cultural Education.

Awarded by the Prefect of the Region and the Rector of Academy for a renewable period of 5 years, after consultation of the decentralized services (Rector and DRAC), the label values a commitment, a partnership approach and a strategy promoting the generalization of arts and cultural education.

The communities of the Great East labeled
100% arts and cultural education
in 2022

Nancy Metz Academy

Town of Frouard
City of Nancy
Community of Communes of the Portes de Meuse
City of Metz
Town of Sarreguemines
Town of Talange
Departmental Council of the Vosges
Community of agglomeration of Saint-Dié-des-Vosges
Community of municipalities of Mirecourt-Dompaire

Académie de Reims

City of Reims
Town of Tinqueux
Departmental Council of Haute-Marne
City of Saint-Dizier

Strasbourg Academy

Community of municipalities of Alsace Bossue
Community of Communes of Hanau-La Petite Pierre
Community of Municipalities of the Rhine Plain
Town of Bischwiller

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