In 2021, the DRAC Grand Est supported 32 artists for a total of €176,000 through individual support for visual arts creation and studio installation.


Support for all visual arts:

painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, performance, photography, video, digital art, graphics, design, styling and fashion.

Two types of aid

- aid to the creation

They finance the development of a project or artistic research (AIC) without necessarily leading to the realization of a work;

- Aid for planttion and purchase

Shes are used to finance workshop fit-ups or equipment acquisition (AIA) necessary for the practice of visual arts. The amount of this assistance may not exceed 50% of the total cost of the work or equipment.

Of a maximum amount of €8,000, the AIC and AIA are allocated, after the opinion of the regional advisory committee of creation aid, according to the following criteria:
- artistic interest of the project;
- conditions for implementation;
- involvement of the artist in a professional activity (registration with the enterprise formalities centre and obtaining a Siret number);
- administrative residence in the Great East.

Out of 68 applications filed in 2021, the Grand Est Commission granted 16 start-up grants and 16 installation grants for a total amount of €176,000.

The winners

Individual aid for creation 2021

Anna BYSKOV (Haut-Rhin) [find out more]
CAMPOS (Haut-Rhin) [find out more]
Stéfania Alexandra CRISAN (Moselle) [find out more]
Cristina ESCOBAR (Dawn) [website]
Shqipe GASHI (Bas-Rhin) [website]
Delphine GATINOIS (Ardennes) [website]
Manon HARROIS (Marne) [website]
Emmanuel HENNINGER (Haut-Rhin) [website]
Andrea LE GUELLEC (Marne) [website]
Marianne MARIC (Haut-Rhin) [website]
Cynthia MONTIER (Bas-Rhin) [website]
Raphaël OSMAN (Haut-Rhin) [website]
Emilie PIERSON (Moselle) [website]
Lucas RAMOND (Marne) [find out more]
Kapitolina TCVETKOVA (Bas-Rhin) [more]
Melanie WENGER (Haut-Rhin) [website]

Aid for the installation of workshops and purchase of material in ar2021 Visuals

Morgane AHRACH (Moselle) [website]
Frédérique BERTRAND (Meurthe-et-Moselle) [website]
Gaël CANTON (Moselle) [find out more]
Ivan CASTINEIRAS (Haut-Rhin) [website]
Kim DETRAUX (Moselle) [website]
Camille FISCHER (Bas-Rhin) [Read more]
Claire HANNICQ (Vosges) [website]
Johanna HIMMELSBACH (Moselle) [website]
Cecile LE TALEC (Marne) [website]
Jonathan RESCIGNO (Moselle) [website]
Clément RICHEM (Vosges) [website]
Mathilde ROHR (Bas-Rhin) [website]
Annie SIBERT (Bas-Rhin) [website]
Silvi SIMON (Moselle) [website]
Cosima TRIBUKEIT (Bas-Rhin) [website]
Skander Mehdi ZOUAOUI (Bas-Rhin) [website]

Two exceptional grants in 2021

In order to promote the professionalization of artists from the Great East, the DRAC set up an experiment in 2021. On the basis of the recommendation of the Regional Advisory Commission for Creative Assistance, enhanced support was given to two of the winning artists, creation and installation.

Claire Hannick and Manon Harrois have thus obtained additional support of €8,000. This exceptional support should allow them a better exposure of their creation in the Greater East and outside the region.

Manon Harrois

After studying art at the ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres in Paris and an artistic stay in Niger which she kept the imprint of ancestral rites, Manon Harrois continued his journey in Chile and Portugal. She then moved to Troyes. Sculpting, drawing or performing are only for her revelators of spaces.

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Claire Hannicq

Willingly quoting Gaston Bachelard or Roger Caillois whom she feels close to, Claire Hannick sets her gaze on the immaterial and the invisible of the human relationship, the one we share in the present and the one we inherit.  After studying art at the ESAL in Epinal and the HEAR in Strasbourg. She moved to Arnoul in the Vosges department.  His works are already in the collections of the Epinal and Strasbourg museums.

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Members of the Grand Est Regional Advisory Board 2021/2023

David CASCARO, Director of HEAR in Strasbourg
Raphaël CUIR, Director of ESAD de Reims
Susana GALLE GO-CUESTA, Director of the Nancy Museum of Fine Arts
Vanessa GANDAR, Director of the Octave Cowbell exhibition space in Metz
Marie GRIFFAY, Director of FRAC Champagne-Ardenne in Reims
Sophie HASSLAUER, Artist, responsible for the association Fecit in Val de Vesle
Benoît LAMY de la CHAPELLE, Director of the Delme Synagogue
Mehryl LEVISSE, responsible for the Balak space in Charleville-Mézière
Estelle PIETRZYK, Director of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Strasbourg
Sandrine WYMANN, Director of the Kunsthalle Art Centre in Mulhouse
Pascal YONET, Director of the Centre d'art Le vent des forêts in Fresnes-au-Mont 

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