Traveller, protector of the heritage and photographer, these are the characteristics retained for the plaque Houses of Illustres affixed on the facade of the Hotel Le Vergeur "House Hugues Krafft" in Reims. The plaque was unveiled on September 14, 2022, by the Mayor of Reims, Arnaud Robinet and the president of the Society of Friends of Old Reims, Francis Leroy.

The plaque is the embodiment of the label of the Musée Le Vergeur en Maison des Illustres. It is the 1era house labeled in the Marne and the 22e of the Great East.

In order to highlight the pieces dedicated to the Illustrious, a visit route in French sign language has been set up.

To perpetuate the memory of Hugues Krafft photographer, a photographic prize bearing his name was specially created.